Project Title Connect ACloud 3D printing platform to MARKET4.0 Marketplace

Sector Plastic and Metal

Funding/budget 50 KEUR

Short project Summary

3DFORM aims to connect the ACloud solution to the MARKET4.0 ecosystem. The main target of the ACloud platform is to facilitate the communication between the producer and the customer while providing several other functionalities including ERP functionalities, physics models integration and printers’ monitoring. 3DFORM focuses on leveraging the Market4.0 ecosystem to extend its functionalities by:

– Connecting and integrating ACloud platform at the MARKET4.0 marketplace. CASP will lead the integration activities while Morphica will provide information regarding 3DPrinting machines and their specifications that will be integrated to the platform. – Realizing a scenario – CASP with the support of Morphica – utilizing the ACloud platform through the MARKET4.0 ecosystem for validating the usefulness of the provided solution. Furthermore, the benefits will be identified and quantified.

Partner 1: CASP S.A.

CASP is a software company, based in Athens, Greece, working closely with European and local industry as well as with Universities and Technological institutes, on developing and marketing Business Solutions for a wide range of industrial problems. CASP develops and markets Business Solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning, Production Scheduling, Quality Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Robotics, Virtual Reality Applications and Product and Process Design. CASP provides advanced concepts and software solutions based on State of the Art tools and Technologies for Object Oriented Design and Development. CASP provides software solutions based on advances engineering concepts for a variety of industrial sectors such as: Production Scheduling for the Textile, Food and Maritime industry, ERP for the Maritime industry, Robotics for the automotive sector, Quality Control for the Aerospace and Automotive industry, Product and Product Design for Aerospace and Maritime industry. These concepts can easily be transferred to any other production sector.

Partner 2: Morphica srl

Morphica is an Italian innovative small company specialized in 3D printing founded in 2017 with headquarters in Monopoli, Bari, Italy. Morphica’s aims to develop, promote and disseminate additive manufacturing technology in Italy and worldwide.

The company is a retailer of AM product and tools and is also defined as a service provider of additive manufacturing by offering complementary services. As a service provider, the core business of the company is the production of 3D printed parts. They produce mainly polymeric parts with industrial and desktop machines and they support their customer during the phases of concept, design and production of 3D parts. Moreover, Morphica provides to small companies and professional users training and consultancy for 3D printing. At the last but not the list Morphica provides the indirect service. The indirect service provider is a type of sale through affiliated customers who own a printer sold by Morphica. Four distinct figures are thus cooperating: creators of 3D content, Morphica as a 3D printer vendor, AM machine users who build the parts and customers who will enjoy the printed object.

The innovation of this cooperation lies in the reduction of physical distances exploiting the greatest potential of additive manufacturing: being able to send an object virtually in centers equipped with 3D printers. Besides the obvious advantages for all the figures, this cooperation will allow a reduction in transport costs. The Morphica target customer is the professional 3D printing user and specially is made up of figures such as designers, architects, engineers and hobbyists representing the most likely customers. The company offers complementary services to the sale of printing devices.

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2. CaCaMat

Project Title Capability and Capacity-based Supplier and Customer Matching

Sector Metal

Funding/budget 100 KEUR

Short project Summary

CaCaMat focuses on bringing new users to the Market4.0 platform and offering them unique functionalities using secure, IDS-based data exchange. We facilitate matching of Fabrication-as-a-Service providers in the metal industry with their customers requiring custom-made parts. Matching makes sure that the potential supplier has both the technological capability and capacity to deliver in minimal time. To this goal we develop a semantic model describing the fabrication operations, capabilities of the machines and scheduling operations as well as three applications – intuitive creator of custom bent elements; suppliers side application for exposing the capabilities of the machine park, validating the design, and scheduling the production; and intermediary application matching suppliers with the customer. All the applications integrate with and communicate via the Market4.0 platform.

Partner 1: CMBIT

CMBIT is a company with a large experience in metal industry related processes. The company was founded in 2007 and initially was focused on delivering control and monitoring solutions for automated production cells to widen its interest to the manufacturing of custom-made metal elements as well. CMBIT was involved in several initiatives in various domains across the world e.g., dairy industry (ArNoCo, Germany), concrete production (AIRCRETTE, Mexico) food processing (UNILEVER, France; Greece; Poland). In 2018 CMBIT was awarded one of the HORSE project application experiments grants.

Partners 2. MASTA

MASTA is built by team of professionals with proven experience in industry related information technologies. The company was founded in 2011 and from the very beginning focused on delivering Manufacturing Execution Solutions to various industry areas such as train assembly (China South Railway, Qingdao, China), plastic molding (Bianor, Bialystok, Poland) or power transmission belts (Gates, Legnica, Poland). In the recent years the company has been shifting its focus towards custom-made, IoT-based Industry 4.0 solutions and has started developing near-real time discrete production scheduling systems. Another filed of MASTA activities are AI based Predictive Maintenance solutions. The company has proven experience in delivery of business-grade software systems and a team of highly professional developers.

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3. CommitmentSeer

Project Title CommitmentSeer – semantic integration and planning of orders in the MARKET4.0

Sector Metal, Plastic, High-tech

Funding/budget 50 KEUR

Short project Summary

The main value proposition of CommitmentSeer is operational risk management for suppliers participating in the MARKET4.0 platform by semantic integration and planning of orders. Suppliers on the MARKET4.0 platform may compete over orders published by customers or receive orders in a peer-to-peer fashion from a single large customer. In the first case, a negotiation process exists during which supplier has limited time to decide about completion time and price. The decision process may be quite complex for the supplier because the only input information available is an existing production schedule of tasks implementing previous orders. In the second case, the large enterprise would like to manage risks associated with potential disturbances in the supplier’s operation. In both cases, there is a need for a plan that optimally and automatically schedules incoming MARKET4.0 orders together with orders in the existing schedule supporting an interactive what-if analysis. CommitmentSeer empowers suppliers to make estimates and commitments based on the actual factory production re-planned to include new as well as existing production orders leveraging ontology-driven architecture using semantics for dynamic semantic integration of incoming orders, existing orders, available production resources and production constraints.

Partner 1: Virtuona

Virtuona is a software technology company founded 2006. in Serbia with a vision to provide Artificial Intelligence based enterprise software solutions for solving business optimization and data management problems in companies aware of the need for permanent business performance improvement. Virtuona develops TasorSCAS platform for Knowledge Graph enterprise applications development. Developed solutions are seamlessly deployed as a SaaS, or on private cloud or on premise and are supported by cost effective and reliable software development services. Value proposition of the platform is particularly important in sophisticated environments, such as manufacturing, where massive and complex domain-knowledge is required in order to achieve operational excellence. Applications include advanced planning and scheduling, logistics optimization, predictive maintenance, and smart IoT, but also knowledge-based business operations automation and optimization. Members of our team have been involved in cutting-edge research and have provided world-class software solutions to international customers for more than thirty years.

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4. Data2Profile

Project Title A Multi-Sided Business Platform for Plug and Produce Industrial Product Service Systems – Sub-Project Data2Profile

Sector Metal processing

Funding/budget 50 KEUR

Short project Summary

Usually, a marketplace is sharing information related to the static characteristics of an industrial product (a machine), like type of material to be processed, average consumption of energy etc. All this information is required in order to understand what a machine can perform. However, for buying a machine in a marketplace, there is a need to know the details about “how” a machine is working, i.e. its performance during the operation. For example, it would be interesting to know how is energy consumed (over the entire period, and not only the average value) when processing some specific metal types. In that way, it would be possible not only to understand the energy consumption (like, is it high at the beginning of the process and decreases later during the process), but also to detect some anomalies (outliers) in the consumption. 

Main goal of this proposal is to provide such a service (TRL7) in the form of a MARKET4.0 app and to demonstrate its performance and added value in the metal processing domain.  The service will generate a so called “performance profiling” of the machine capability based on the data recorded in the actual operations. The basis will be Netico data analytics framework.

Partner 1: Netico GmbH

Established in 2010 and based in Horgen, Switzerland, with the R&D and service branch in Serbia, Netico operates worldwide, directly or through the network of system integrators and partners. Netico is a customer-oriented and agile technology company specialised in delivering products and services to industrial customers, in the domain of Industrial Internet of Things. We believe that leveraging consumer technologies in industrial applications creates a sustainable competitive edge for engineers and end users. Netico is one of the first companies combining extensive experience in industrial automation with rapid growth of consumer information and communication technologies to create new products and services for professional use.

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5. Mail IoT

Project Title Extending machine warranty and support with mail-order IoT Uptime Tracking services

Sector Metal, Plastic

Funding/budget 50 KEUR

Short project Summary

Mail IoT enables machine suppliers to offer extended digital services to their manufacturing customers, with an easy retro-fit IIoT device for existing machinery, offering apps and reports for utilisation tracking, downtime accountability, better operating guidance, optimal environment control, contextual maintenance warnings and reminders, live-mode remote support and more.

Machine suppliers get access to DeepInsight service to benchmark product lines in the field in real-time generating scorecards for best/worst case installations, root-cause analysis and new ways to see how products are used. 

Three cases are showcased via the MARKET4.0 project : 

  • Self-service portal to purchase and configure Checkmate device .
  • Easy enrollment to value-extending customer services.
  • DeepInsight for suppliers and Market40 partners with new data for customer support, upselling, new product development decisions, potential new business models and open access to new third-party developers and extended service partners.

Partner 1: PulseLabs

PulseLabs (BVBA) provides IoT Solutions and IT Services for manufacturing and Industry 4.0, the company offers an online IoT platform for predictive maintenance to support a Smart Wireless remote monitoring sensor for vibration, temperature and humidity. PulseLabs has a team of full stack software developers, engineers, business developers and data scientists and have primarily worked in digital technology and industrial use cases.

Four key business models drive our business:

– IoT Cloud development and services (with Microsoft Azure and open-source).

– Pulse Checkmate Smart Sensor – a retrofit device to monitor machine performance. 

– Industrial Internet Playground Program – Testbed deployment service using both PulseLabs and other agnostic technology components  – Professional services – Including hardware prototyping for data collection devices.

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Project Title secure Marketplace fOR hiGh-tech – Expansion joiNt

Sector Plastic

Funding/budget 100 KEUR

Short project Summary

ANVIS Decize develops since many decade expansion joins under the brand of DILATOFLEX®, which is a part who links 2 pipes.

Expansion joints could be used in very large industrial applications. For example, in building construction they are used to link the building to external fluid or gas pipes, and so be able to assure security when movement occurs due to natural ground movement and even seism. But also in nuclear installation or aggressive (acid,….) medium circulation.

MORGEN will be The marketplace dedicated for DILATOFLEX ! MORGEN would give to ANVIS a real important advantage, by:

– Manage easier the relation with our distributors, and so be more reactive and spend less human time in non-added tasks.

– Have a better visibility for all kind of potential customers or even new distributor all over the world

– Increase our business due to a direct access to our stock for common parts and so some quick delivery directly managed through the marketplace.

– Permit every prospect top place an order directly on our marketplace for standard parts…

… and all of that according to the safety rules linked to this kind of sensitive parts used in sensitives environment.

Partner 1: ANVIS

ANVIS is a French company specialized since decades in rubber application and more precisely in high technological rubber application. ANVIS as develop its own brand of expansion joint called DILATOFLEX® since 1959, that means more than 50 years now. A well-known brand sold in many countries and for many applications. Associated to that, ANVIS had develop some specific seal for nuclear application and so equipped a lot of nuclear plants in the world with specific seals and our team are in charge of the splicing directly onsite. ANVIS has developed a strong knowledge in technical steel and rubber parts for antivibration system currently used in Railway application as primary suspension solutions, car-bogie transmission for instance.

Partners 2: P Cation

P-CATION ® is an innovative company with a focus on intelligent IT solutions. We are specialists for individual software, business intelligence products and Enterprise Management Systems solutions for small-medium-sized corporate and corporate groups. We analyze data and automate processes, thereby supporting companies in their digital transformation.

Partner 3: HIBRO

Engineering and trading company specialized in “Flexibility in Pipeline installations”. “Pipeline installations” refer to installations using pipe, tube, fittings, rotating equipment, control and regulating appliances for the transport and treatment of fluids and gasses at elevated temperatures and pressures. “Flexibility” refers to the occurrence of thermal expansion in pipelines, vibration in rotating equipment, movement of structures and ground (earth) causing damage to, stresses in and leakages in the installations. Hibro Compensatoren b.v. (Hibro) is distributor and marketing partner of Anvis Decize SAS (Anvis) and their predecessors for the Netherlands for more than 60 years now. Hibro forms the link between Anvis and the end user market and has trading and engineering expertise in rubber expansion joints manufactured and supplied by Anvis.

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7. prAIm

Project Title Α Predictive Maintenance ΑΙ Analytics Service for the Metal Processing Manufacturing Sector

Sector Metal

Funding/budget 50 KEUR

Short project Summary

The prAIm project aims at properly extending the functionality and services already provided in the Market4.0 Marketplace with an innovative Predictive Maintenance Analytics service/ application for the metal processing sector. This new service that will be configured, customized and offered through the Market4.0 Marketplace will utilize operational data (ranging from maintenance logs to OEE data) from different manufacturing systems and sensing data from the shop-floor (e.g., machinery data, product quality data, etc.) that collectively provide the necessary maintenance background that can be further correlated and analyzed to extract patterns, identify deviations, understand the machines’ health status and timely point out to possible damages that may occur in the production line.  The output of the analysis will consist in a daily maintenance report (created with the help of various machine learning and deep learning Predictive maintenance algorithms, as well as through descriptive analytics) that will be available in the service dashboard, together with all other information and related KPIs pertaining to its formulation. The dashboard will be accessible through the web (web app) by maintenance managers and operators.

Partner 1: Suite5 Data Intelligence Solutions Limited

Suite5 Data Intelligence Solutions Limited (Suite5, Cyprus) is an Information Technology Solutions and Services SME whose mission is to deliver innovative data-driven intelligence solutions through state-of-the art technologies, required for any organization to be placed at the forefront of competition through greater efficiency. By combining strong technology know-how and hands-on approach in managing and implementing projects commissioned by the public and the private sector, Suite5 provides research-inspired solutions and practical support for its clients in order to leverage business and crowd intelligence into their everyday operations. The expertise of Suite5 spans across the whole lifecycle of data management and AI analytics including, Knowledge Representation, Data Management and Interoperability, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Business Intelligence & Big Data Analytics in different domains (e.g., Interoperability, Big Data, Linked Data, Cloud Computing, Manufacturing, Aviation, Energy, etc.).

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8. Probotain

Project Title An integrated predictive maintenance solution on robotic production line equipment

Sector High-Tech

Funding/budget 250 KEUR

Short project Summary

Probotain provides a holistic approach for an integrated view of the predictive maintenance needs in a connected smart manufacturing environment. The project brings together production equipment and ICT service and app providers and system integrators to deliver an end-to-end solution for AI analytics driven predictive maintenance for robotic equipment installed at the manufacturing production environments. This is driven by the need to effectively predict maintenance schedules across such operations, based on the registered equipment profile and the data collected from historical use of this equipment, all combined with any interconnected information from relevant manufacturing systems and visualized for decision making purposes. The solution exploits situational awareness capabilities from bottom-up analysis of real time sensor data regarding the health monitoring of the industrial robotics to provide insights of expected maintenance periods that may influence key business objectives of the respective manufacturing organisations. Such manufacturers will have the chance to experiment with innovative integrated solutions for predictive maintenance and validate its potential for reducing their operational costs due to improved uptime periods and control over the lifetime of the supporting robotics equipment, and the reductions in the wasted semi-finished products due to unexpected failures of such equipment.


AEGIS IT RESEARCH GmbH (AEGIS for short) is a research and development SME company based in Germany developing and managing innovative IT solutions for numerous business sectors. It is based on a highly effective professional team consisting of talented researchers and top-class IT experts from all over the world. This team empowers the company with a strong, diverse skillset which helps AEGIS offer innovative products and high-tech business solutions to the market. The main areas of expertise include Digital Forensic Investigations, adaptive Big Data visualization systems, Geographical Information Systems, secure embedded platforms, access control and network security systems, privacy preserving systems, enterprise web applications and the complete lifecycle of IT systems. AEGIS is coordinating the Probotain activities and will act as the system integrator to develop and deliver the resulting solution for the manufacturing sector. Of the main implementation tasks in the project, AEGIS will also offer the visualization toolkit, namely the IoT the Monitoring and Historical Analysis App that will be traded through the MARKET4.0 marketplace.

Partner 2 Power Evolution srl

Power Evolution srl (PE srl for short) is based in Belpasso, Catania (Italy) with more than ten years experience in developing robotic systems for manufacturing. Its experience is in the field of industrial facilities management and industrial automation. It is highly specialized in the fields of High Tech, Semiconductor and Energy. Since almost ten years, the company has a dedicated division for robotics and IoT. PE srl will cover the hardware and electronics related activities for realizing a high TRL prototype for predictive maintenance.

Partner 3: University of Novi Sad Faculty of Sciences (UNSPMF)

University of Novi Sad Faculty of Sciences (UNSPMF) is an educational and research institution with 5 departments, around 600 employees and 6000 students. UNSPMF is very active in international collaboration and various EU research and innovation initiatives[1]. The Department of Mathematics and Informatics (DMI[2]) of UNSPMF hosts the only national center of excellence in mathematics: Center for Mathematical Research of Nonlinear Phenomena[3], as well as the Scientific Computing Research Group (SCORG[4]). DMI researchers participate in several EU-funded international projects in the domains of Internet of Things, Big Data, and high-performance computing. An integral part of the UNSPMF is the Information Systems Development Laboratory – a laboratory with 20 years of experience in building various information systems and business software. In Probotain, UNSPMF brings their expertise in services that harness data analytics techniques to extract value from various data types, such as plant floor data and robotic systems data, as well as data analytics methods and techniques that involve both traditional machine learning and deep learning methods and the respective compute frameworks.

[1] https://international.pmf.uns.ac.rs/international-projects-at-unspmf/

[2] https://www.dmi.uns.ac.rs/

[3] https://www.dmi.uns.ac.rs/en/research/cmrnp

[4] www.scorg.pmf.uns.ac.rs

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Project Title Integrated Software suite for component matchmaking and MAintenance planning for RoboTic GRIPpers

Sector High-tech

Funding/budget 250 KEUR

Short project Summary

SMART-GRIP proposes an optimal maintenance allocation SW suite, applying historical data-based decision making, and a matchmaking dedicated tool for robotic gripper products. The SW suite will include the Maintenance Schedule Optimisation (MSO) tool, for best maintenance strategy and policy selection, calculating optimal maintenance schedule, minimising LCC (Life Cycle Cost), and maximising operational availability. LCC assessment, based on implemented maintenance plans, providing costs estimation associated to Reliability & Maintainability (R&M) of equipment, and R&M parameters calculation, using historical Life Data, will be considered, as well as maintenance reports generated by a separated tool called the Maintenance Support Platform (MSP). The aim is to go from TRL 6 to 8 in a 1-year project, targeting manufacturing and robotic grippers’ sectors, implementing the SW suite, with dedicated APIs, and adapted UIs to the specific addressed sectors.

Partner 1: We Plus S.p.A. (WEP)

We Plus S.p.A. (WEP) is an Italian IT SME accounting for about 90 employees. WEP offers complete IT development services following its expertise and core competencies like: Programming languages: Java, C#, Python, PHP, C, C++; Distributed Computing / Big Data: Hadoop, Apache Spark, Cloudera; Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB; Application Servers: WebLogic, IIS, WebSphere, Tomcat; Web Technologies: J2EE/JEE, JSP/Servlets, EJB, JMS, JTA, XML, XSLT, XPath, XQuery, Struts, PL/SQL, T-SQL ASP.NET, .Net Web Services, WPF, WCF, REST Services, Spring, Javascript, JSON, jQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS; Tools: NetBeans, Visual Studio, Eclipse, TOAD, Apache ANT, CVS, VSS, SVN, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Microsoft Visio, ERWin, RationalRose, Crystal Reports, Business Objects; Other skills: BI (Business Intelligence), ETL (Extract Transform Load), Data Warehouse, OOP (Object Oriented Programming), OOA (Object Oriented Analysis), Agile, UML (Unified Modelling Language); Mobile Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry; Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix, MAC; Cloud: MS Azure, Amazon AWS. WEP is working to manage and develop many projects in various sectors: utilities / manufacturing, energy, telecommunications, system integrators, banking, insurance, financial, and more.

Partner 2: Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)

BME founded in 1782, with eight faculties is the largest technical higher education institution of Hungary. The proposed work will be carried out at the Department of Manufacturing Science and Engineering (DMSE). The department is active in the areas of theory of metal cutting; planning, simulation, diagnosis and monitoring of production processes; design, maintenance and reliability of machine tools; planning and design of manufacturing systems; assembly automation; robot applications and gripper design; service robots including medical robotics, testing and control of robots; CAD/CAM; quality assurance; scheduling, control and simulation of manufacturing systems; artificial intelligence in manufacturing engineering. The department has been taken part in 7 FP4, 4 FP5, 7 FP6, 3 FP7 and 2 H2020 projects. R&D results related to the proposed work: BME DMSE have developed methods and tools for discrete event simulation model configurators; process planning, scheduling and production control methods and tools using various AI techniques; reliability and maintenance as well as end of life related analysis and prediction methods and software tools.

Partner 3: Ce.S.I. Centro Studi Industriali S.r.l. (CESI)

CESI is a highly specialized engineering company (SME) that operates mainly in mechanical engineering field. CESI is involved in mechanical design, CAE/FEM structural analysis, R&M simulation/analysis, research and innovation activities for production equipment market. The company specialises in development of innovative products from the point of view of high performances as well as reliability, maintainability, modularity, flexibility, innovative materials application and quality. CESI has assumed a key role at international level in defining and designing different kind of systems like high performances multi-axis machining centres (for aerospace/automotive component manufacturing); AWJ machines, micro-machining modules and smart structures. CESI competences has been enlarged to offer also manufacturing services in the field of precision machining. CESI manufacturing capabilities include the processes and equipment (including CNC turning, 5-axis milling, integrated turning/milling, surface grinding, 3D measuring) required for fabrication of a wide range of products in the fields of automotive, motorcycle, aerospace, machine tools, printing machines, industrial plants, medical and microelectronics industry as well as mechanical components. CESI is participating at several European and national R&D projects. The high qualified engineering staff together with the permanent world-wide collaboration with the most important universities and excellence research centres allows CESI to achieve very important industrial results and increase its own and customers’ competitiveness.


Spanish company with more than 60 years. Specialized in the design and manufacture of robotic and industrial automation installations for multiple sectors. With the incorporation of the 4th generation, it was decided to diversify the family business by creating a special line of Robotics and industrial automation. With this new area RIVAS managed to diversify both in the sector and in the commercial area. RIVAS has specialized in providing solutions in robotics and industrial automation in multiple sectors: the following sectors are the ones of greater implantation: food, food industry suppliers, plastic and wood.

RIVAS commercial network covers both the national and international market. RIVAS has an extensive large work structure; being a manufacturer, it has its own commercial network directed by Sales Manager and an Export Manager. RIVAS has its own engineering team. It is directed by a Technical and Production Director and includes two areas – “Mechanical Engineering” and “Electrical Engineering and programming”, with a team of about 10 people. The Production area also has a Head of Workshop directed by the Technical and Production Director, with a technical team that includes the different technical profiles necessary for the manufacture and implementation of the facilities.

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10. NB-edge

Project Acronym Edge computing over Narrow Band

Sector High-tech

Funding/budget 100 KEUR

Short project Summary

NB-Edge is a collaborative effort of an equipment manufacturer of deep tech edge computing sensor technologyon the supply side, a system integrator deploying services on the MARKET 40 platform and on the demand side,a manufacturer of smart pillars solutions for marinas and harbors. The goal of NB-Edge is to enrich the Market4.0 ecosystem by expanding the portfolio to complex, low power edge computing sensor devices (Fuelics).

Fuelics devices are comprised of 3 distinctive entities that regulate sensing, the communication and theintelligence of the device. These devices can be adapted to suit manifold applications, based on Firmwareupdates over the air (OTA) that will be triggered by a software service (offering by partner ASN).

Summarizing, in the frame of the project we will add new digital equipment to the marketplace, integrate novelservices for firmware updates (OTA), use and validate the Market 4.0 platform and offer products & services.

Partner 1: ASN

ASN specializes in developing technologies and custom enterprise solutions centred around data analysis, monitoring and case-based reasoning. ASN’s ISTMOS is a monitoring platform, which allows stakeholders involved in the perishables and sensitive goods supply chain to monitor the most critical parameters affecting product quality during its storage and transportation.

Partner 2: Fuelics

Fuelics is a deep tech sensor manufacturing company developing edge computing battery operated modules over NBIoT protocol. Established in July 2019 by serial entrepreneurs Fuelics industrializes Fuel Management and Smart City Sensors. Regarding Market 4.0 initiative, Fuelics introduced a new type of NBIoT data logger with edge computing capabilities that wants to promote. This sensor can retrieve either pulse or protocol based information (MBus) from smart meters with digital output (pulse or Eco MBus), let alone being able to simultaneously register measuring data from up to 4 simultaneous smart meters, therefore reducing CAPEX and OPEX to a minimum.

Additionally, Fuelics technology stack allows the remote management and Firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) upgrade of its sensors a feature that will be provided in Market4.0 as a new service. The end user (buyer) will be able to seamlessly configure an order of customized sensors and services including Remote Management. 

Partner 3: Smart Marinas

Smart Marinas designs and manufactures automated and non-automated water and power supply systems. In 2014, the first automated model of the series was placed at various points of sight around Euboea island. The experience of the early years, coupled with ongoing development in design, intelligence gathering by operators and users, recording them and incorporating innovative technologies led to the creation of the new Pillar model released in June 2020. Smart Marinas pillar is installed in several harbors and marinas in the mainland and islands of Greece. Remote management of their pillars is essential for their business expansion.

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11. Visibility 4.0

Project Title Real time supply chain visibility for high-tech EU manufacturing

Sector High Tech & Metal

Funding/budget 100 KEUR

Short project Summary

This project zooms in on creating an automated supply chain network using the SCSN standard that has been developed in The Netherlands and international IDS connector for MARKET 4.0. The goal is to develop the technique to connect a buyer with several suppliers using this standard for exchanging order messages (partially already in the standard) and create additional possibilities to exchange shipment data (new processes, new standards). The intended solution focuses on connecting Buyer A with Supplier B (and also suppliers C, D, E) so they can share order and shipment data in a structured and secure way.

Partner 1: Tradecloud B.V.

Tradecloud is a B2B supply chain platform for the industry and trade sectors. It facilitates supply and demand side by automating equipment components ordering flows and enabling direct in context communication between OEMS and their suppliers.


Partner 2 : MOBA B.V.

Moba is the recognized global leading manufacturer of egg grading, packing and processing machines. Founded in 1947, Moba has grown into a corporation with over 800 dedicated employees. Moba has offices throughout the world and runs an extensive network of dealerships. The head-office is situated in Barneveld, The Netherlands. It’s our mission to support our customers worldwide and continuously improve our company by developing, producing, and supporting the best solutions in sorting and processing of eggs. Our vision is to enable food producers worldwide to feed the global growing population with egg-based nutrition that is safe, tasty, and affordable. We are a reliable partner for our customers by supplying end-to-end solutions with the highest value.


Partner 3: Van Trierum Metaalbewerking B.V.

Van Trierum Metaalbewerking BV is a (high-)precision mechanical supplier. Our core business is turning and milling (up to and including 5-axis simultaneous production) and (sub)assembly. We produce mechanical parts for a broad range of national and international machine builders, in the Medical, Orthopedic, Logistic, Food and the Maritime Industry.


Partner 4 : DUMACO Oss/ Heurkens and Van Veluw BV

Experts in stainless steel sheet and construction work. One stop shop for high-quality metal, sheet metal, tube and tube products with a specialization in stainless steel; Total supplier in sheet metal and construction works. Part of Dumaco BV. It also trades under the name of Dumaco Oss.


Partner 5: Meijer Metal B.V.

Meijer Metal BV provides ferrous machining services and is a partner for assemblies, casings and frame construction. We mainly focus on OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), who develop and sell their own serial piece products.


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