MARKET4.0 provides 50.000 EUR, 100.000 EUR or 250.000 EUR in the form of fixed lump-sum for SMEs and midcaps to ‘connect and produce’ through the MARKET4.0 marketplace.  A number of 10 projects will be funded in open call-2.



  • Production equipment suppliers, SMEs/midcaps that provide production equipment products and services.
  • Technology providers, SMEs/midcaps software or technology provider companies that can offer additional application(s) or service(s) on top of the MARKET4.0 platform.
  • Research/non-industrial legal entities (i.e. research centres, universities, Competence Centres), with relevant expertise that can provide innovation solutions to the MARKET4.0 platform together with the industrial partners.



250.000 EUR or 100.000 EUR or 50.000 EUR funding per project. Support from MARKET4.0.



Connect products and services to MARKET4.0 marketplace

12 months duration


“Submission deadline was until 28 January 2021. The Call is now closed! Funded projects are expected to launch 1st April 2021.”