In this page the list of scientific publications published by the Consortium members within the context of MARKET4.0 will be uploaded.
TitleAuthors Conference/ JournalYearLink
Tool-Path Problem in Direct Energy Deposition Metal-Additive Manufacturing: Sequence Strategy Generation Maialen MuruaIEEE ACCESS2020
Adaptation of a Branching Algorithm to Solve Discrete Optimization Problems. M. MuruaOperations Research 2019 (OR2019) 2019
A user-centric, federated, network-model approach for data sovereignty, trust and security with interoperability in legal data sharing artefacts - Improved data control for enhanced adoption in interorganizational and supply chain IS applications The Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS)2020
Maintaining control over sensitive data in the Physical Internet: Towards an open, service oriented, network-model for infrastructural data sovereigntySimon Dalmolen6th International Physical Internet Conference, IPIC 2019 London2019
Infrastructural Sovereignty over Agreement and Transaction Data (‘Metadata’) in an Open Network-Model for Multilateral Sharing of Sensitive DataHarrie BastiaansenInternational Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2019 Conference2019
A Survey of Digital B2B Platforms and Marketplaces for Purchasing Industrial Product Service Systems: A Conceptual FrameworkDimitris Mourtzis, John Angelopoulos8th CIRP Conference of Assembly Technology and Systems (CATS 2020)2020