Project Title CommitmentSeer – semantic integration and planning of orders in the MARKET4.0

Sector Metal, Plastic, High-tech

Funding/budget 50 KEUR

Short project Summary

The main value proposition of CommitmentSeer is operational risk management for suppliers participating in the MARKET4.0 platform by semantic integration and planning of orders. Suppliers on the MARKET4.0 platform may compete over orders published by customers or receive orders in a peer-to-peer fashion from a single large customer. In the first case, a negotiation process exists during which supplier has limited time to decide about completion time and price. The decision process may be quite complex for the supplier because the only input information available is an existing production schedule of tasks implementing previous orders. In the second case, the large enterprise would like to manage risks associated with potential disturbances in the supplier’s operation. In both cases, there is a need for a plan that optimally and automatically schedules incoming MARKET4.0 orders together with orders in the existing schedule supporting an interactive what-if analysis. CommitmentSeer empowers suppliers to make estimates and commitments based on the actual factory production re-planned to include new as well as existing production orders leveraging ontology-driven architecture using semantics for dynamic semantic integration of incoming orders, existing orders, available production resources and production constraints.

Partner 1: Virtuona

Virtuona is a software technology company founded 2006. in Serbia with a vision to provide Artificial Intelligence based enterprise software solutions for solving business optimization and data management problems in companies aware of the need for permanent business performance improvement. Virtuona develops TasorSCAS platform for Knowledge Graph enterprise applications development. Developed solutions are seamlessly deployed as a SaaS, or on private cloud or on premise and are supported by cost effective and reliable software development services. Value proposition of the platform is particularly important in sophisticated environments, such as manufacturing, where massive and complex domain-knowledge is required in order to achieve operational excellence. Applications include advanced planning and scheduling, logistics optimization, predictive maintenance, and smart IoT, but also knowledge-based business operations automation and optimization. Members of our team have been involved in cutting-edge research and have provided world-class software solutions to international customers for more than thirty years.

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