Politecnico di Milano is the most important technical university in Italy and one of best in Europe, according to recent rankings. Since 1863, Politecnico di Milano has been active in several scientific and technical fields and will join through the Department of Economics, Management and Industrial ENGINEERING (DIG). In particular, the research group of Manufacturing will be involved in this project with its specific competences in the fields of Manufacturing Strategy, ICT for Manufacturing, Social and Environmental Sustainability in Manufacturing, Product and Service Development, Manufacturing Systems Design, Production and Maintenance Management, Education in Manufacturing in which the group can be considered the leader among the Italian Universities and Research Centres. The group has been involved in several European and international research projects such as InCoCo-S, Socrades, LeanPPD, ActionPlant, PlantCockpit, S-MC-S, MSEE, EMC2-Factory, IMC-AESOP, LinkedDesign, CTC, MAN-MADE, whiteR, Target, and ELICiT. In particular, PSYMBIOSYS project about Product-Service Systems, BEinCPPS about CPS/IOT and MIDIH project about Digital Innovation Hubs are very relevant for the current project. Furthermore, it is very active in roadmap and technology foresights, where has been the coordinator of the IMS NoE and of the IMS2020 and partner of ActionPlanT, Pathfinder, Scorpius and So-Smart. The group is member of EFFRA and actively participates in the cPPP, contributing to the roadmapping at European level. The group has experience also in project coordination.