Project Title Extending machine warranty and support with mail-order IoT Uptime Tracking services

Sector Metal, Plastic

Funding/budget 50 KEUR

Short project Summary

Mail IoT enables machine suppliers to offer extended digital services to their manufacturing customers, with an easy retro-fit IIoT device for existing machinery, offering apps and reports for utilisation tracking, downtime accountability, better operating guidance, optimal environment control, contextual maintenance warnings and reminders, live-mode remote support and more.

Machine suppliers get access to DeepInsight service to benchmark product lines in the field in real-time generating scorecards for best/worst case installations, root-cause analysis and new ways to see how products are used. 

Three cases are showcased via the MARKET4.0 project : 

  • Self-service portal to purchase and configure Checkmate device .
  • Easy enrollment to value-extending customer services.
  • DeepInsight for suppliers and Market40 partners with new data for customer support, upselling, new product development decisions, potential new business models and open access to new third-party developers and extended service partners.

Partner 1: PulseLabs

PulseLabs (BVBA) provides IoT Solutions and IT Services for manufacturing and Industry 4.0, the company offers an online IoT platform for predictive maintenance to support a Smart Wireless remote monitoring sensor for vibration, temperature and humidity. PulseLabs has a team of full stack software developers, engineers, business developers and data scientists and have primarily worked in digital technology and industrial use cases.

Four key business models drive our business:

– IoT Cloud development and services (with Microsoft Azure and open-source).

– Pulse Checkmate Smart Sensor – a retrofit device to monitor machine performance. 

– Industrial Internet Playground Program – Testbed deployment service using both PulseLabs and other agnostic technology components  – Professional services – Including hardware prototyping for data collection devices.

Mail IoT on Market4.0 YouTube Channel